tennyson-hayley-aboutHi, I’m Tennyson Boothe. The Bible Boothe.

I’m not a preacher, theologian, or seminary professor. I just want to connect people with excellent Bible resources.

When I first came to Christ I had some problems: a lack of discipleship, no resources, and an overall stunt in growth.

I believe I was truly saved, but I continued to wander for years with no guidance.

Finally when I was on the edge of agnosticism with a pessimistic view of church and religion, God pulled me into relationship with some people who were able to teach me a solid foundation of real, rational knowledge and practice.

As the years went by I began to study and absorb rapidly. I was learning not just to consume Christian teaching, but to live Christian life.

In the church there is a big problem of discernment and proper teaching. There is no lack of resources in the English language (and most common languages for that matter), but connecting seekers and learners to those resources is another story.

How can you distinguish good doctrine from ear tickling? How can you learn to trust sound teachers from false prophets? How can we center ourselves on timeless, Biblical truth rather than cultural trends and political bandwagons?

That’s why I started the Bible Boothe.

People are done with fake and dead religion. Me too. I’m about the honest reality of Christianity in everyday life. I aim to be transparent rather than pretending to be something I’m not.

We need to have “real” discussion about difficult issues. But I’m also not going to compromise on what the Bible teaches us about these issues. I aim to be able to help skeptics, believers, and skeptical believers find truth and walk with God.

I want to keep you reading, learning, and praying to the Lord using sound and honest resources. My goal is to help you have:

1- A close relationship with God,

2- A strong working knowledge of the Bible (his Word), and

3- the confidence to share the story and love of Jesus Christ with everyone.

One never “arrives” at greater learning, wisdom, and practice. We can never become worthy or “good enough.” Jesus has already taken care of that for us. And as we move toward God, we are spiritually filled with His goodness.

Similarly, there is so much to learn and study that we cannot know everything about God, the Bible, and Christian living. But learning is a lifelong process and it is important to understand your faith (1 Peter 3:15).

So why trust the Bible Boothe?

As I stated in the first post I made on this site, I am a corrupt and jaded human filter who is constantly steeped in sin. I mess up, I’m selfish, I like to see things my own way instead of God’s, and sometimes that comes through in my writing here.

The redemptive side of this is that of grace, forgiveness, discipline, accountability, and open-minded learning. As I continue to pursue God, God will correct and teach me as I go. Perhaps I am drenched with sin, but I am also continuously purified by the righteousness of Christ Jesus.

The writing and perspectives on this website are informed by the following:

1. The Holy Spirit (hopefully, I pray, and God help me when I am wrong).

2. The Holy scriptures of the Bible, God’s protected and divinely inspired word to His people.

3. Doctrinal perspectives of evangelical orthodoxy. Put shortly: tried and tested theology.

4. My local church and accountability partners (see below).

5. Various ministries, pastors, theologians, books, and other resources mentioned on this website.

6. My own experience and subjective opinion, however biased or limited that may be. (Warning!)

7. In some cases, you! Leave comments and send emails. Inform me. I’ll listen, take what you say with a grain of salt (and light), and respond when I can!

My Accountability

Christians are called to be in community and fellowship with one another, and I am no exception. I am supposed to have other Christians in my life because iron sharpens iron (Proverbs 27:17). I need accountability, comfort, guidance, correction, discipline, and prayer.

Here are the people I am mutually accountable to who advise, inform, pray for, and fellowship with me. None are mutually exclusive; there is much crossover in this list:

1. My wife, Hayley. It might sound corny, but scripture is clear. Mutual submission to a wife of wisdom is valuable (Proverbs 31:10-31).

2. My family. Family both by blood and by surrogate provides a system of support and accountability (Proverbs 15:20, 1 Timothy 5:8).

3. Wise men. There are particular men I trust who are older, wiser, and more experienced than myself whom I trust to help counsel me in times of anything from curiosity to struggle.

4. Close Christian friends. These are brothers and sisters in Christ that we (my wife and I) spend intentional time with. We know each other well and are real with one another. We’re mutually accountable to and support one another.

5. A Biblical community group. This is currently a point of transition for me in particular as well as my wife and several close Christian friends. However, we are in the process of joining a local Bible study or “life group” organized by our church (Acts 2:42).

6. Our local church.  We are “covenant members” of a local church. This is a mutual agreement (not a contract) to be accountable to, to submit to the authority of, to serve and give into and amongst our church’s membership and leadership.

7. The greater church. All Christians across the world are known as the “universal Church,” the “invisible Church,” or “Body of Christ.” All Christians are family through Jesus Christ thus making them responsible for one another. This emphasized and encompasses all of the above points.

More Info

You can learn more about me personally soon when I write bio page for myself. I’ll also eventually write and publish my testimony on this site. When I do, I’ll link to it here.

In the meantime you can send me an email:  Tennyson@bibleboothe.com