How to be Intimate With God

"Chapel" sign - How to be Intimate with GodI’ve never written about supernatural experiences before. Nor have I ever written about my personal worship experiences, or really even much about my prayer life. This is mainly because I’ve experienced very few such events worth mentioning.

That is, not much out of the ordinary the like of which you haven’t heard before. There are a few exceptions, however, some of which I will share in this post.

In the past (and still sometimes today) I wondered how to be intimate with God. How to get intimate with God. Truly intimate. Like, Eden intimate. Okay, maybe that’s a bit lofty.

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C.S. Lewis Grief Observed Summary and Review

Cover of C.S. Lewis Grief Observed (Summary)I’ve more or less always known that C.S. Lewis was a fabulous writer. “A Grief Observed,” though, being his first nonfiction book I read through, blew my mind. It’s not necessarily his diction or prose, nor even the way he writes. It’s not even his intelligence that captures me per se.

Lewis has a wonderful knack for painting dirty reality and piercing truth in such a real sense of understanding; reading into his reservations and insights is flooring because of its relatability and honesty.

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God’s Not Dead Review – My Reservations

DVD Cover - God's Not Dead ReviewSo I finally got around to watching the film God’s Not Dead (I know, I’m not one of those really hip Christians). I have mixed feelings about this movie and though it does have good production quality (for a Christian movie) it also has enough downfalls to keep me from highly recommending it.

I have seen this movie a good 3-4 times now and it seems like I change my opinion on it every time I see it. I’m altogether wishy-washy about this film and although I’m not singing it’s praises, I’m not quick to condemn it either.

There are some questionable things about this film including it’s theology, motives, realism, and authenticity. However, I do think it’s probably still worth seeing if for no other reason than to examine the morphing of quality and message in Christian movies today.

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Christians and Gay Marriage: Why You Can’t Touch It

Photo of the White House lit with multicolored lights to form rainbow flag

There is a lot I have to say about homosexuality. If only I were well researched and in-the-know I could write a book about it. As it is, however, I’m just a guy. A guy who knows some things about what the Bible says and sees an upside-down culture. That includes an upside-down Christian culture as well.

In this particular post I will not be discussing homosexuality from a Biblical, moral perspective. I’ve already written about that. Now I’m talking about it on a level of civil law. In particular, as a reaction to the reaction on the supreme court’s tyrannical encroachment on sovereign state law last year. I will be discussing the sad and broken relationship between Christians and gay marriage.

So yes: I disagree with the court’s decision and I don’t think it’s right for unelected federal judges to decide what is best for individual states. I know, politics! Sue me. But that’s not what I’m talking about either.

What I’m talking about is why, at this particular point in time and for the near and foreseeable future, Christians and conservative supporters of traditional marriage will be unable to turn the tide of the pro-homosexual culture and political agenda.

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Wedding Small Talk

Photo of bride and groom cutting wedding cake*Author’s note: this is another re-upload, a short post I wrote roughly two years ago on an old freebie blog I had. Since it was about this time two years ago I proposed to my now-wife (and since I am barren to write much at this point in the week and have extra blog-fodder sitting aside), I found it appropriate to republish this.

It’s basically me giving a highly annoyed critique and social commentary on several trite sayings I heard over and over again as a betrothed man. In other words, it’s me complaining and generally being a curmudgeon about pre-wedding conversation. Enjoy my excessively peevish ramblings!*


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Breaking Up With the Past

Photo of a woman cryingFor many late adolescents and young adults, I would guess that some of the most hellish and haunting pages you can turn through are those from your school yearbooks. Looking into those thick devils reminds us of everything that was, many things that could or should have been, and begging questions of “what if.”

If you are one of the few who chose not to purchase your school yearbooks, or could not afford them, you are blessed. But buying them sure was the thing to do, wasn’t it? Every year, book buying and signing was a big event.

It was almost like the the torturous culture of high school was saying “here, pay us $75 to carry around your past like a ball-and-chain.” I am glad I had the experience, I guess, but I wish I would have been more wise.

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