Does the Bible say Homosexuality is a Sin?

One of the most sensitive cultural topics today (especially within the church) is that of homosexuality and LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender) issues.

Photo of a sign depicting two generic male imagesThe accusations, misunderstandings, ignorance, hatred, and failure to understand scripture on both sides of the argument has created a nearly irreparable tension between the question of homosexuality and its relationship with the church, the Bible, and even God Himself.

Even after decades of public debate, legislation, activism, press coverage… the question still stands: does the Bible say homosexuality is a sin? Somehow amid the empirical “yes” and “no” answers there is little discussion about the actuality of this issue in light of scripture.

My prayer is to hum a different tune and shed some light on a reasonable Christian response that correctly aligns with scripture and God’s will.

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Seven Myths about Christianity

Photo of a maskLiving in a world of lies and deception we all have come into contact with ridiculous superstitions, manipulative religious zealots, failed gossip games of telephone, and outright lies.

There are misunderstandings about everything in the world but perhaps one of the most misunderstood and twisted out-of-context in today’s postmodern world is Christianity.

Today we will be examining seven popular myths about Christianity in an effort to promote truth and sound Biblical teaching. In no particular order I hope to dispel these myths with both scripture and sound reasoning.

1.  Being Good gets you to Heaven

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