Best Bibles for Kids – Buyer’s Guide

Photo of a child reading an old worn-out Bible. Okay, parents. It’s time to be honest with ourselves. The Bible is boring! At least, it is for our kids… or is it?

Let’s face it: getting kids interested in scripture and keeping that attention can be like pushing a boulder uphill with one hand. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You need the best kids Bible for your kids.

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The Screwtape Letters Chapter 1 Summary/Commentary

Photo of a demon portrayed in an architectural sculptureI intend to get into each of these commentaries without too much fluff, so let’s just get started with a quick summary of the first letter. Chapter 1 sets the stage for the rest of the letters through Screwtape giving his nephew Wormwood some general advice on guiding human thought. If you haven’t yet., be sure to read my introduction to the Screwtape Letters.

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Crazy Love by Francis Chan: Summary and Review

Digital image of the cover of Crazy Love by Francis ChanGod’s love for us is crazy! And in turn, we should seek to have a crazy kind of love for Him as well. That’s sort of the takeaway from this easy-to-read yet lifestyle-challenging book.

Most Christian living books fall somewhere between the lines of “new believer” and “Bible scholar,” but what’s interesting about Crazy Love is its ability to inspire, encourage, and correct believers at every stage of faith.

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Crazy Old Testament Laws: “Is God A Moral Monster?” by Paul Copan Review

Cover of "Is God A Moral Monster?" By Paul CopanWhen you’re reading certain parts of the old testament your eyes might widen at some of the mandates and law codes given for the Israelites to follow.

What in the world is up with these crazy old testament laws? First glance and face-value is not the way to accurately pinpoint the ins-and-outs of these seemingly kooky commandments.

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C.S. Lewis Grief Observed Summary and Review

Cover of C.S. Lewis Grief Observed (Summary)I’ve more or less always known that C.S. Lewis was a fabulous writer. “A Grief Observed,” though, being his first nonfiction book I read through, blew my mind. It’s not necessarily his diction or prose, nor even the way he writes. It’s not even his intelligence that captures me per se.

Lewis has a wonderful knack for painting dirty reality and piercing truth in such a real sense of understanding; reading into his reservations and insights is flooring because of its relatability and honesty.

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God’s Not Dead Review – My Reservations

DVD Cover - God's Not Dead ReviewSo I finally got around to watching the film God’s Not Dead (I know, I’m not one of those really hip Christians). I have mixed feelings about this movie and though it does have good production quality (for a Christian movie) it also has enough downfalls to keep me from highly recommending it.

I have seen this movie a good 3-4 times now and it seems like I change my opinion on it every time I see it. I’m altogether wishy-washy about this film and although I’m not singing it’s praises, I’m not quick to condemn it either.

There are some questionable things about this film including it’s theology, motives, realism, and authenticity. However, I do think it’s probably still worth seeing if for no other reason than to examine the morphing of quality and message in Christian movies today.

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