The Screwtape Letters Chapter 1 Summary/Commentary

Photo of a demon portrayed in an architectural sculptureI intend to get into each of these commentaries without too much fluff, so let’s just get started with a quick summary of the first letter. Chapter 1 sets the stage for the rest of the letters through Screwtape giving his nephew Wormwood some general advice on guiding human thought. If you haven’t yet., be sure to read my introduction to the Screwtape Letters.

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Susan’s Story – Part 1

Cover of "You Don't Have to Move the Washer to Make Toast" by Susan A Rader, religious autobiographyThe following is a highly summarized autobiography written by my mother-in-law, Susan. It is an extremely short version of her book “You Don’t Have to Move the Washer to Make Toast.” Even the book itself is short and summarized, so keep in mind that the story below outlines a few quick snapshots from a long and very interesting life. I will post part 2 soon.

The point of the story is that God still pursues us even in our own rebellion against him. He loves us and continues to show His love even when we hate Him and think He hates us. And all it takes is submission to Him to have hope in our lives. God offers us a free gift, the gift of a relationship with Him, and there is no sense in running from it. Read on to hear my Mom-in-law’s story:

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