Is Halloween Sinful?


Every Halloween, searches for this question skyrocket online: Is Halloween Sinful?  Of course, there are many different ways you can phrase it, but the heart of the matter is the same. Can Christians celebrate Halloween in good conscience?

When it comes to Halloween, many Christians think of occult images and practices. But is there a redeeming quality to this allegedly dark holiday? Perhaps it simply comes down to how you choose to interpret and observe this day?

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How to Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself

Abstract photo of four little houses next to each otherI love my neighbor Trent. Not that I don’t like my other neighbors, but Trent is the one I’ve gotten to know the most.

I would say something like “neighborly love has gone to the dogs these days,” but the truth is that I never knew what it was like before.

I do think most folks probably don’t know their neighbors, but I can tell you that I’m grateful for mine.

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Should Christians Play Pokemon?

PokemonPhoto of a Pokemon game cartridge - Pokemon Red, one of the original Pokemon games has been a super popular and ridiculously successful global phenomenon for about 20 years now. It continues to be one of the most popular video game franchises worldwide!

Especially with the release of Pokemon GO which made over $6 billion USD within the first few weeks.

But should Christians play Pokemon? Does Pokemon have demonic influence? Will it indoctrinate kids into a groupthink of secular humanism? Does it teach evolution?

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Is Masturbation Considered Sin?

*Disclaimer: the topic in this post is highly sexual in nature and contains writing that might not be suitable for young children. Please exercise proper discretion when reading or sharing this article.*

Image of a red hand with XXX across the palmOne of the most common sex-related questions asked by Christians on the internet (particularly young Christians) is about masturbation. Is masturbation considered sin? Is it okay under certain circumstances?

Usually the answer you get in response is either a resounding “yes!” or “no!” with vilification of the opposing answer. I’d like to sing a different tune and tell you that it depends on a very particular context.

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How to Read the Bible in One Year

Photo of someone reading a BibleThe study of scripture is, of course, an extremely important religious discipline in the Christian faith. Reading the Bible spiritually feeds, recharges, and teaches us. It brings us closer to God.

But let’s be honest, sometimes it seems like something on a checklist we need to X off in order to be a good follower. We all know we need to pray, go to church, and read our Bible. Right? Are we missing something?

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Never Question Anything. Ever.

Photo of two women wearing blindfolds walkingY’know how people hate being questioned? Having their authority challenged? Nobody ever really wants to have to look at what they believe and ask themselves “why do I believe this? Is this right? Is this true?

Because that could lead to horror. That could lead to them finding out they are wrong, and then they would have to… change! GASP!

I’m trying really hard not to mention any of the major scientific debates and controversies going on right now. Firefights between two major schools of thought in the United States come to mind: atheistic science and creationism.

The former is obsessed with trying to snuff out the ideology they perceive as childish and imaginary that the latter believes, and the latter fights fire with fire because they feel threatened by what they see as oppression by and false information of the former.

Ironically, both usually get really defensive, even angry, when you question them.

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Why are Christians so Stupid?

Photo of a dunce hat on a stool in a cornerYou’ve talked to them. You’ve heard about them. You’ve seen them on TV. Heck, you were raised by them! The nutty and nitwitted Bible-thumpers not only want to prevent everyone from having fun; they want to keep you from learning and exploring!

Why are Christians so stupid? Why are Christians so ignorant? What in the world made them this way? Why do they cling so tightly to their extremely conservative philosophies, ignoring and preventing societal progress?

Is there any way to get through to them? Will they listen? Why do they deny science and reason and statistics and just plain facts? Believe it or not, there are understandable reasons behind the madness of the super-religious. And especially Christians.

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