The Blaze: Matt Walsh, Blogger, Responds to my Email

Photo the Blaze's Matt Walsh, Blogger*Author’s Note: this is an edited re-post from my old blog. I originally wrote it in August of 2014*

If you haven’t heard of him, Matt Walsh (blogger) is sort of an internet anti-celebrity who works for the Blaze blogging about really controversial things and upsets a lot of people. In a nutshell.

Anyway, the point is that he’s a Christian blogger whom I highly respect. I enjoy his writing and I agree with his arguments. And so I sent him an email.

Something Matt occasionally does is respond to emails from readers. Usually he’s logically defending his stance from someone who is irrationally screaming at him, calling him names, and generally being really nasty while blaming him for hatred.

But sometimes he blogs in response to people like the “quiet, boring girl in class,” or people like me! You can find the post here.

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