Gay Marriage Was Never About Love

Photo of an LGBT flag

Author’s Note: since I am more of a libertarian now, I no longer hold many of the opinions in this article and will eventually make new posts about the LGBTQIA+ movement and link to them here. (See: Does the Bible say homosexuality is a sin?)

However, I will continue to leave this post up because I think it is important for writers to show how their philosophies and opinions can change over time. 

You already know that on Friday morning the US Supreme court made a decision to once again overturn state rights by dictating the legality of same-sex marriage in all 50 states.

“Love wins,” they say. “Equality,” they say. After all, shouldn’t anyone who loves each other be able to legally marry?

All of this nonsense comes from a staggering inability to understand what love is.

To the LGBT supporters (and sadly most of America as well) love is nothing more than a fleeting, shallow, emotion driven solely by urges and immediate desires.

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I Don’t Care About Jesus

Stereotypical drawing of Jesus

Sure, you might guess by my Facebook posts or maybe even my internet history that I care about Jesus. I bet my friends, family, and my wife would tell you that I care about Jesus, maybe even that I love Him.

The truth is, though, if you really knew my heart and the behavior it drives, you would probably conclude that I really don’t give much weight to Jesus Christ or his teachings.

After all, I am selfish, prideful, hateful, crude, and angry. I think I’m better than other people, I often doubt God and his plan, and as of this writing I haven’t even been to church in two months (probably the worst of all, right?)

So if you are one who becomes a regular reader of this blog, keep in mind those things and remember that much of what I write could very well be flawed.

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