Gay Marriage Was Never About Love

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Author’s Note: since I am more of a libertarian now, I no longer hold many of the opinions in this article and will eventually make new posts about the LGBTQIA+ movement and link to them here. (See: Does the Bible say homosexuality is a sin?)

However, I will continue to leave this post up because I think it is important for writers to show how their philosophies and opinions can change over time. 

You already know that on Friday morning the US Supreme court made a decision to once again overturn state rights by dictating the legality of same-sex marriage in all 50 states.

“Love wins,” they say. “Equality,” they say. After all, shouldn’t anyone who loves each other be able to legally marry?

All of this nonsense comes from a staggering inability to understand what love is.

To the LGBT supporters (and sadly most of America as well) love is nothing more than a fleeting, shallow, emotion driven solely by urges and immediate desires.

The fact that we use the word love both to describe our enjoyment of chicken McNuggets and also to describe an unyielding and lifelong commitment to something you would both die and live for is proof of how little our culture values and understands the idea.

Don’t get me wrong: I am sure there are plenty of homosexual couples out there who take love more seriously than that and actually put thought and care into how they love one another.

However, the fact remains that on the whole, gay marriage along with the entire idea behind today’s sexual revolution actually has nothing to do with love. For more information on what love is about, I recommend starting by reading and understanding the Bible.using a good study Bible.

It’s About Being Trendy

Have you noticed that gay marriage is very popular? The entire LGBT movement is popular right now, even though LGBT participants are such a minority that they are almost statistically undetectable.

Gay marriage is a catalyst for the LGBT movement, so-called “sexual freedom,” and irresponsible, feel-good philosophies which are very popular today. Therefore, supporting gay marriage is necessary for other more hedonistic movements, and therefore is extremely popular.

Gay marriage isn’t legal because it’s about love; gay marriage is legal because it’s very trendy. The media, our entertainment, and even our government is waving the rainbow flag higher than the US flag and has been for some time not just to gain popularity, but to propagate the ideas and make themselves look like saints by supporting them.

Ask yourself: how many people support gay marriage because they actually care and opine that it is important to our liberty and societal structure?

Now ask yourself: how many people support gay marriage because of social pressure and because it is culturally advantageous to do so?

It’s About Perversion

Now that I’ve mentioned how incredibly popular gay marriage is, it’s time to mention how surprisingly unpopular heterosexual marriage is.

Heterosexual marriage has been devalued to the point where most young couples date, live together, have sex, and break up (not necessarily in that order) without even considering marriage.

Homosexual marriage, on the other hand, is worshiped and lifted up as the next big thing. It’s desired, it’s fought for, it’s honored, and its ideals demand special rights. Now, after over a decade of struggle, it is legal.

Image of a house flipped upside-down

Young straight couples today, upon announcing that they are married or want to be, will very likely be met with some scorning statements such as “that’s boring” or “well, your life is pretty much over now” (I have personally encountered this phenomenon).

However, when a gay person is married or pursues marriage they are immediately covered in showers of praise and support. “Good for you! You’re so brave!” they say.

Our culture sees marriage as being oppressive, restrictive, unnecessary, holding back social progress, and generally unpleasant. Unless it’s same-sex marriage: in that case marriage is liberating, wonderful, beautiful, forwarding society, and essential to our freedom.

It’s About an Agenda

Gay marriage is not about love: it’s about a political worldview. It’s about rebelling against God. (Romans 1:26-28, Isaiah 5:20-21, 2 Cor 11:14)

If gay marriage were about love, Christian business owners would not be harshly punished for refusing to support it. For example, the Oregon bakery whose owners, Aaron and Melissa Klein, will now be forced to pay $135,000 to a lesbian couple whom they refused to make a wedding cake for.

The lesbian couple, Laurel and Rachel Bowman-Cryer will be awarded $135,000 for having to endure the “emotional suffering” of being refused a wedding cake on the basis of the baker’s religion. Never mind the emotional suffering the Klein family has and will go through from being forced to shut down their business and go into bankruptcy with five children. (Who has faced more suffering here?)

Obviously, the LGBT movement is all about love and acceptance. And it “doesn’t hurt anyone.” Well, unless you get in their way, of course.

We’ve touched on how supporting gay marriage is necessary and/or convenient for other movements to get their foot in the door. I’ve also mentioned how the worldview(s) behind these movements are about rebelling against God.

It’s plain to see that our culture is not only apathetic about the word of God, but completely opposed to it. I’m sure you believe me; but if you don’t then just read a bit of the new testament and contrast it to the way our nation lives today.

I could go on and on about communism, Islam, metaphysics, post-modernism, new atheism, moral relativism, and a hundred other related or unrelated schools of thought that are rapidly expanding and encroaching upon a Biblical worldview. I won’t because they all come down to one thing: failure to acknowledge Jesus Christ and the message of the gospel.

An extreme progressive agenda is not just passively out of sync with Christianity, but is very focused and dedicated to attacking it. Our world seeks to replace God with humanity and the individual, and that’s the agenda. There are many indirect paths that are taken before arriving at that culmination, but that is the ultimate goal.

Gay marriage is another major stepping stone in an attempt to deconstruct God’s design and install a new world of self-led humanity. Proof is found by examining the most commonly preached views of the LGBT crowd.

Not every individual homosexual or transgender is militantly opposed to religion (particularly Christianity,) but that is the norm and the movement as a group aims to destroy the church and ignore its God.

It’s Not About Love

Image of a heart mosaicThere is much more to be said about this issue including the potential consequences of same-sex marriage, the sexual/gender confusion caused by the LGBT movement, the benefits of a mother-father family structure, plus the many misunderstandings and general ignorance on the sides of both Christians and LGBT supporters alike.

Regardless, the fact remains that it’s not about love and it never was. It’s about lust, idolizing humanity, and demanding rights to anything we want. It’s about leftist, progressive insanity and dangerous indoctrination. It’s about popularity, perversion, and agendas.

Gay marriage is the beginning to a lot of things in America. But it’s not a win for freedom. And it’s not a win for love.

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