Picking the TULIP of Calvinism

Photo of a Tuplip, representing the TULIP of CalvinismIn my last post I shared my struggle with Calvinism and my stigmatic impression of its standoffish culture. For the most part, it was a rant, and a rant about what I’ve seen of Calvinism so far.

Alas, being myself an evangelical, I know what it’s like to have your belief system and attitude assumed based off the many. In most cases, based off the many and most vocal who usually do not represent the most reasonable. Therefore I am intellectually bound to give the doctrine of Calvinism a fair trial in my own mind, not pre-judging it based off of emotion and first impression.

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Is Halloween Sinful?


Every Halloween, searches for this question skyrocket online: Is Halloween Sinful?  Of course, there are many different ways you can phrase it, but the heart of the matter is the same. Can Christians celebrate Halloween in good conscience?

When it comes to Halloween, many Christians think of occult images and practices. But is there a redeeming quality to this allegedly dark holiday? Perhaps it simply comes down to how you choose to interpret and observe this day?

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Christians and Gay Marriage: Why You Can’t Touch It

Photo of the White House lit with multicolored lights to form rainbow flag

There is a lot I have to say about homosexuality. If only I were well researched and in-the-know I could write a book about it. As it is, however, I’m just a guy. A guy who knows some things about what the Bible says and sees an upside-down culture. That includes an upside-down Christian culture as well.

In this particular post I will not be discussing homosexuality from a Biblical, moral perspective. I’ve already written about that. Now I’m talking about it on a level of civil law. In particular, as a reaction to the reaction on the supreme court’s tyrannical encroachment on sovereign state law last year. I will be discussing the sad and broken relationship between Christians and gay marriage.

So yes: I disagree with the court’s decision and I don’t think it’s right for unelected federal judges to decide what is best for individual states. I know, politics! Sue me. But that’s not what I’m talking about either.

What I’m talking about is why, at this particular point in time and for the near and foreseeable future, Christians and conservative supporters of traditional marriage will be unable to turn the tide of the pro-homosexual culture and political agenda.

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Looking Down on Ourselves

photo of desertI’m not sure if you’ve noticed this, but whenever you hear people talking about humans that lived in the past they usually have this condescending tone in their voice. Especially on television, from “scientific” research, and hyperbolic depictions in motion pictures.

It’s like when we talk about where we thought infants came from when we were little. “Haha, I used to think babies were made in tummies after a kiss! I was so dumb!” Example: the common belief about our solar system, before we had sufficient evidence otherwise, was that the sun orbited the earth. “Wow, humans really thought that? How naive of us! It’s a good thing we’re smarter now!”

Except we’re not.

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Never Question Anything. Ever.

Photo of two women wearing blindfolds walkingY’know how people hate being questioned? Having their authority challenged? Nobody ever really wants to have to look at what they believe and ask themselves “why do I believe this? Is this right? Is this true?

Because that could lead to horror. That could lead to them finding out they are wrong, and then they would have to… change! GASP!

I’m trying really hard not to mention any of the major scientific debates and controversies going on right now. Firefights between two major schools of thought in the United States come to mind: atheistic science and creationism.

The former is obsessed with trying to snuff out the ideology they perceive as childish and imaginary that the latter believes, and the latter fights fire with fire because they feel threatened by what they see as oppression by and false information of the former.

Ironically, both usually get really defensive, even angry, when you question them.

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Why are Christians so Stupid?

Photo of a dunce hat on a stool in a cornerYou’ve talked to them. You’ve heard about them. You’ve seen them on TV. Heck, you were raised by them! The nutty and nitwitted Bible-thumpers not only want to prevent everyone from having fun; they want to keep you from learning and exploring!

Why are Christians so stupid? Why are Christians so ignorant? What in the world made them this way? Why do they cling so tightly to their extremely conservative philosophies, ignoring and preventing societal progress?

Is there any way to get through to them? Will they listen? Why do they deny science and reason and statistics and just plain facts? Believe it or not, there are understandable reasons behind the madness of the super-religious. And especially Christians.

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Real Women Have Vaginas

Image of the female symbol (or symbol of Venus)I’m tired of hearing it. I’m tired of overly obese women feeling like their entire worth is based off their image. I’m tired of hearing every slightly “chunky” (actually, normal and healthy) girl wish she wasn’t so fat. I’m tired of hearing about stick-sized barbie model women who don’t feel like enough because they don’t have “curves”.

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Live-In Boyfriends: Stop Being Cowards

Image of an anti-marriage signAlright, men. Let’s talk about what it means to be a man. I know that emotional attachment and long-term commitment are really icky things for the average modern man to talk about these days, but this is a very under-addressed issue.

There are a number of reasons why you might be convinced that cohabitation is a good idea. “Trial marriage,” they say. “Test your compatibility” they say.

But there is a significantly higher amount of reasons why you should not live with and have sex with your spouse before you marry.

I can boil it down to one: it’s cowardly. And here is why.

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