Is Halloween Sinful?


Every Halloween, searches for this question skyrocket online: Is Halloween Sinful?  Of course, there are many different ways you can phrase it, but the heart of the matter is the same. Can Christians celebrate Halloween in good conscience?

When it comes to Halloween, many Christians think of occult images and practices. But is there a redeeming quality to this allegedly dark holiday? Perhaps it simply comes down to how you choose to interpret and observe this day?

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Christian Halloween Costumes for Adults

Photo of a Biblical king costumeIt’s the time of year again we start to see those familiar articles popping up: is Halloween evil? Can Christians participate in Halloween? Meanwhile here I am googling Christian Halloween costumes for adults.

Of course, I’m going to write one of those articles myself. But for now just let me have my fun. I already looked up some Biblical Halloween costumes for kids, and now it’s time to help out the adults.

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Biblical Halloween Costumes For Kids

Photo of a Biblical Halloween costume for kids - shepherd boy

Halloween, Fall Fellowship Festival, Trunk-Or-Treat, Harvest Hay Rides, Chick-Fil-A dress-up night… These are things the kiddos are gonna need costumes for. What’s better than Biblical Halloween costumes for kids?

If you’re brave or lighthearted enough to join the harmless fun of children’s Halloween costume gatherings AND put a Biblical spin on it, you’re definitely in the right place.

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