Introduction to the Screwtape Letters by CS Lewis

Introduction to the Screwtape Letters by CS Lewis: photo of an old copy of the bookSince I’m on a CS Lewis kick and some friends, my wife, and I are going through the Screwtape Letters week by week, I decided to begin a blog series on it. I’ll be mostly offering commentary and observations based on my own experience, and maybe some scripture references.

This first post is sort of an introduction to the Screwtape Letters by CS Lewis. Here I will be talking about the book as a whole and go over the preface written by Lewis himself. Lewis was a long-winded intellectual, you see, and even his remarks on his own works are interesting.

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Bible Booth is now Secure!

Most people browsing the internet don’t pay much attention to the bar at the top of their page containing the address of the website they are on.

If you did notice, however, you saw a lock symbol followed by the new prefix for HTTPS. That means that Bible Boothe is now secured with what is called SSL encryption.

Image of the Bible Booth web address with HTTPS

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Christian Halloween Costumes for Adults

Photo of a Biblical king costumeIt’s the time of year again we start to see those familiar articles popping up: is Halloween evil? Can Christians participate in Halloween? Meanwhile here I am googling Christian Halloween costumes for adults.

Of course, I’m going to write one of those articles myself. But for now just let me have my fun. I already looked up some Biblical Halloween costumes for kids, and now it’s time to help out the adults.

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Biblical Halloween Costumes For Kids

Photo of a Biblical Halloween costume for kids - shepherd boy

Halloween, Fall Fellowship Festival, Trunk-Or-Treat, Harvest Hay Rides, Chick-Fil-A dress-up night… These are things the kiddos are gonna need costumes for. What’s better than Biblical Halloween costumes for kids?

If you’re brave or lighthearted enough to join the harmless fun of children’s Halloween costume gatherings AND put a Biblical spin on it, you’re definitely in the right place.

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My Mom-In-Law’s Religious Autobiography

Cover of "You Don't Have to Move the Washer to Make Toast" by Susan A Rader, religious autobiographyEarlier this year my mother-in-law published her life memoir in book form. I’m horrible at keeping the habit of reading (ironic for a blogger, I think,) so I just finished it a few weeks ago.

I gotta say I do have the whole family bias thing, nonetheless I’ll be reviewing the book fairly. It has its pros and cons just like other books, so don’t think I’m playing favorites.

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