Bible Booth is now Secure!

Most people browsing the internet don’t pay much attention to the bar at the top of their page containing the address of the website they are on.

If you did notice, however, you saw a lock symbol followed by the new prefix for HTTPS. That means that Bible Boothe is now secured with what is called SSL encryption.

Image of the Bible Booth web address with HTTPS

What This Means for You

So what’s the big deal? What is SSL encryption and what does that mean for you? As a user on this website, it guarantees an extremely safe browsing experience.

Since encryption creates a virtual “tunnel” from your computer to this website (or whichever website has SSL), it’s extremely difficult to compromise the security of the connection.

With direct hacking attempts rendered nearly impossible and tracking made much more difficult, SSL keeps you safe on the internet. This makes Bible Boothe part of a more secure web!

I don’t currently serve ads, record personal information, or process payment information on this website. If I ever do, though, you can rest assured that all of those services and functions will also be secure.

As a user on this website you have a right to know about your security and privacy. More information about this can be found by reading the privacy policy.

What it Means for Bible Boothe

SSL encryption is a big deal for a website to have for multiple reasons.

The biggest plus is making your users and the website as a whole more secure and safer from malicious software or hacking attempts. SSL also helps with web presence and enables a website to process sensitive information such as payment details or other personal info.

So if I ever decide to have an on-site store or some other sort of Ecommerce function, I can do it no problem. The security and industry standards for things like that are already taken care of.

SSL is normally a pain to install and also very expensive, but my hosting company offers a painless one-click SSL installation at no extra cost to their clients. Really it’s all technical background mumbo jumbo, but it does translate to being a really great thing.

All in all, SSL encryption is a good thing to look out for and it protects all parties who use it. When you see HTTPS in your browser instead of regular old HTTP, just know that it’s a technical protocol which is keeping you safe.

Thanks for being here in the Bible Booth, and I hope to see you around in 2017!

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