I’m a Christian: Why Can’t I Just be Happy?

photo of a man alone in a chairJesus was beaten and flogged prior to being tortured to death on a cross while the Father God withdrew Himself from His perfect and sinless Son in what was the only way to save all of humanity (or at least, those who would accept His gift) from eternal suffering.

I’ve accepted this gift and chosen to dedicate my life to spreading and living this gospel not by the best of my ability, but by relying on God’s ability through the skills, gifts, and talents He has imbued in me.

This is all really exciting and everything, but life still seems like it sucks most of the time. I mean, you’d think I’d be really happy and full of zeal. Bouncing off the walls, praising God loudly with my lips and shouts (Psalm 71:8, 100), and just generally being in a pretty good mood about the whole thing.

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Real Women Have Vaginas

Image of the female symbol (or symbol of Venus)I’m tired of hearing it. I’m tired of overly obese women feeling like their entire worth is based off their image. I’m tired of hearing every slightly “chunky” (actually, normal and healthy) girl wish she wasn’t so fat. I’m tired of hearing about stick-sized barbie model women who don’t feel like enough because they don’t have “curves”.

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