Best Bibles for Kids – Buyer’s Guide

Photo of a child reading an old worn-out Bible. Okay, parents. It’s time to be honest with ourselves. The Bible is boring! At least, it is for our kids‚Ķ or is it?

Let’s face it: getting kids interested in scripture and keeping that attention can be like pushing a boulder uphill with one hand. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You need the best kids Bible for your kids.

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The Screwtape Letters Chapter 1 Summary/Commentary

Photo of a demon portrayed in an architectural sculptureI intend to get into each of these commentaries without too much fluff, so let’s just get started with a quick summary of the first letter. Chapter 1 sets the stage for the rest of the letters through Screwtape giving his nephew Wormwood some general advice on guiding human thought. If you haven’t yet., be sure to read my introduction to the Screwtape Letters.

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Introduction to the Screwtape Letters by CS Lewis

Introduction to the Screwtape Letters by CS Lewis: photo of an old copy of the bookSince I’m on a CS Lewis kick and some friends, my wife, and I are going through the Screwtape Letters week by week, I decided to begin a blog series on it. I’ll be mostly offering commentary and observations based on my own experience, and maybe some scripture references.

This first post is sort of an introduction to the Screwtape Letters by CS Lewis. Here I will be talking about the book as a whole and go over the preface written by Lewis himself. Lewis was a long-winded intellectual, you see, and even his remarks on his own works are interesting.

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